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About Malta Military Tattoo

The Malta Military Tattoo is the annual major tourism draw, and is a reflection of Malta’s military music heritage. The event has earned a well... Read More

About Malta

In the heart of the Mediterranean

Malta has the oldest stone standing structures - the remainder of thousands of years of history - pre-historic temples which outdate Stonehenge and predate the Pyramids by thousands of years. More up-to-date history is also visible at the walled city of Mdina and the fortifications of Valletta built by the Knights of Malta in the 1500's.

In recent years, Malta has begun to be regarded as another Mediterranean package holiday destination with good accommodation, active nightlife, excellent beaches and water sports.But this sun-and-sand image does not sum up the real Malta .


In an island so small, densely populated and with such a complex history, it is the stone-built towns and the cities, are Malta 's true highlights.


For those who want to get away from it all, Malta 's sister island Gozo is smaller, less built-up and far less hectic. Although only a short distance away, Gozo is a world apart both in appearance and manner.


Gozo's tabletop hills and looming cliffs make an unusual landscape, and its terraced hills make it far greener than Malta . Gozo is a place to linger, relax and soak up its natural beauty; its dramatic underwater landscape offers the best scuba diving on the archipelago and its beaches retain their natural, alluring beauty.


For more information about Malta & Gozo, you can visit www.visitmalta.com